We went to silver lake towards the end of July and it was an amazing quick trip up to the mountains for the weekend. I do have to say that there were a good amount of people around the lake on Friday night when we got to the lake for the night and there were a ton of people coming in on Saturday. We left Provo at about four in the afternoon and it was about a hour and a half drive to the trail head. The last two miles were on a dirt road and it was kind of scary on a dirt road in a small car.

The hike was short and intense. We gained 1,500 feet in elevation over 2 miles, so we had switchbacks for days. We felt very accomplished after finishing the hike. The trail started out as a beautiful birch forest and then switched to mountain meadows and rock slabs. There were a couple of river crossings where you can fill up on water.

As you can see in the panorama above, the lake is beautiful and calm, but was slightly cold. After hiking such an intense hike, it did feel great to jump in the lake. There are mosquitoes there, but with a little bug spray we didn’t have any issues. I would suggest hiking to the far side of the lake to make sure that you have a quiet camp. Lots of people were fishing on the lake, so you can go fishing.

In the morning, the sunrise was beautiful. It looked like the clouds were on fire. The picture below is a panorama of the sky line at about 6:30 am. 

I would definitely suggest going. If you are wanting more privacy, I would go during the middle of the week or on the weekends.

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