Safety Note: Rappelling anywhere is dangerous because of the large possibility to fall, so always learn to rappel with a knowledgable friend or guide that is comfortable in rappelling. Also, always think safety minded while you are on the wall because a good portion of falls happen due to not thinking through things.

For rappelling in Pleasant Grove Canyon, head to the Battle Creek trailhead and start hiking up the canyon. About 2-3 miles into the canyon, you will come to the falls where the trail splits, one side going to the bottom of the falls and the other goes to the top. Head to the top of the falls and along the trail you will have the rock face on your left side and the cliff on your right. Along the rock face, there are about 4-6 bolts drilled into the side of the face that make great anchor points. From the bolts you can build your anchor that will stretch across the trail with the rope hanging over the side of the cliff. Be courteous with others using the trail because your anchor will cross over the trail at the top of the falls.

With the Anchor built, you should just have to throw your harness on and clip into the rope. After clipping into the rope, I would double check the whole system and then you are good to rappel.

Check Gear for Rappelling for a list of what I use in rappelling.

Check How to Rappel link to check out REI’s instructions on how to rappel.

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