Pt. Reyes National Seashore features a rugged coastline, coastal pine and eucalyptus forests and beautiful waterfalls. There are many areas to explore while there and because it’s coastline somethings changes as time goes on.

If you are planning on going to Pt. Reyes or much of the Northern Californian coastline, I would suggest checking the weather around when you go to make sure that you have the gear for it. My wife and I went with my parents and my younger brother. We started from the Palomarin trailhead and hiked the almost 6 miles into Wildcat camp where we stayed for the duration of the trip before hiking out the same way.

You start out hiking through an eucalyptus forest that smells divine as you walk through it. After leaving the eucalyptus forest, the trail passes up along the coastal cliffs to look out over the ocean below. The trail winds its way through forests where if it is wet out you can see salamanders and banana slugs. You’ll pass several streams and rivers on footbridges. There are a couple of small lakes that can be seen. Throughout the hike there are rolling hills with some steep parts up until about the middle were there is a large uphill climb that tops out before a long decline into camp. Again, gorgeous scenery throughout most of the hike.

Wildcat camp is a field perched on the cliffs over the ocean, which during certain times of the year is a field of wildflowers and other times, a field of grass. The camp has two vault toilets and freshwater shared between all guests with a picnic table, bear locker, and BBQ in the individual camps. You do need to make your reservations and pick up your tent tag from the ranger’s station before you go. There are no fires allowed in the campground, but you can get a permit to do a fire out on the beach with the drift wood found out there as well. Our fire was dazzling scene with the sunset displayed across the sky behind it.

We hung out at camp and walked along the beach towards the Alamere Falls. We ended up not making it to the falls because the tide had come in and blocked our passage to the falls (Always pay attention to the ocean and tides). We played with Juniper on the beach and games back up at camp. Close to the path back up to camp, there is a river that we tried to dig out to increase the flow out to the ocean, but we have also dammed the river.

Check my post about our food for the trip because it was bomb.

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