My wife and I actually did this as part of our honeymoon, so we went to Disneyland after the backpacking trip which also affected how far we went and what we did. I did get the idea from another person, who posted in online, but I adapted the idea to my own itinerary because they were going to Mt. Whitney and out Whitney portal. We didn’t make it that far on the High Sierra Trail. We made it Bearpaw, which is 11 miles into the trail from Crescent Meadow.

High Sierra Trail itinerary

There are a few things to know before making the trek. First, you will be in bear country, so you either have to bring a bear canister or camp where there is a bear box. There are bear boxes spread out along the trail. Some of them, you can see while hiking along the trail, but not all of them are able to be seen, so be careful if you are looking for somewhere to stay the night (the first bear box is 6 miles in and it’s up on the hill). Second, there are a ton of mosquitos and horse flies, so bring bug spray with a high level of DEET in it. Most of the places where we stayed the night were close to water and we didn’t bring as much bug repellant. Third, there are no filtered water stations along the route except at the Bearpaw ranger station. At the Crescent Meadow trailhead to get on the trail, we thought there was going to be filtered water or a water source but there wasn’t. Luckily, we had filled up other water bottles before we got to the trailhead. There are many stream or river crossings on the trail, so there are many opportunities to filter your water. Next, we entered the park from the South Entrance, which was extremely windy. If you enter the park from the Northwest entrance, which is a little longer, but is significantly less windy. Finally, there are no outhouses on the trail except at the Bearpaw ranger station, but those were not kept up, so I would avoid them (there was poop on the seat when we went to go use it). My wife and I were fine with having to go outside after getting used to pooping in a whole in the ground. Make sure you us Leave No Trace principles! Please! This is a beautiful section of forest and we need to preserve it for future generations.

This was an amazing trip. It was also just as hard, so be prepared.

Before Starting the Trail:

In the valley before we got on the trail, we saw a couple of the sights and walked through some of the Great Sequoias. We walked through the Giant Grove walk right around the main museum. We also walked through the museum real quick and got our stamp for the National Parks passport book. Driving up to the trail, we drove the the tunnel log and climbed up on top of it. When we climbed on top of it, a big truck drove underneath us, which was cool how the tree was that big. We also climbed up on the Auto Log, where people used to park cars on, and other giant trees.

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