A gorgeous, sandstone canyon in southern Utah with close to 3,000 ft walls towering up each side are the kind of sights that you can see at Zion. Zion NP offers hikes at all skill and fitness levels, sight-seeing, big wall climbing, canyoneering, and backpacking. There are beautiful sights and amazing adventures to be found in Zion and with them, there are also large crowds throughout the National Park.

As a small disclaimer, there are a lot of activities that can be participated in in Zion such as canyoneering, big wall climbing, and some strenuous hikes that should not be attempted without the proper preparation and training. Please take this into account before attempting these activities. Zion NP like many National Parks close hikes for maintenance. While we were there, Narrows was closed because the water level was too high because of snowmelt. Upper Emerald Pools hike was closed because of maintenance, but you are still able to hike to lower and middle Emerald Pools.

We left from Provo, UT and drove down Friday night, leaving our dog with friends in Provo. We got to our hotel, the Bumble-berry Inn, in Springdale, UT at around 10pm. With a clean room, pool on sight, free breakfast, close to the shuttle that took us to Zion entrance, we had a wonderful experience with the hotel. Our room faced outward to the sandstone mountains that surrounded Springdale. Our hotel offered free breakfast, which we ate (see my food post).

We rode the shuttle to the entrance and got our National Parks passport book stamped. We rode the shuttle up to the last stopped and hiked the paved trail to the start of the Narrows hike. Unfortunately, we were unable to hike the Narrows while there but will most likely go back and hike the Narrows. We also hike the the short flat Grotto trail between stops 5 and 6. Because we stayed in a hotel outside the park and we had free entry with our national parks pass, so we went back to our hotel and swam, ate lunch and painted the scenery on our balcony. We ate at Oscar’s Cafe (see my post about food for the trip).

Our last day in Zion, we woke up super early and caught the first shuttle at 6am up to the trailhead for Angel’s Landing. After climbing just 1,500 ft in elevation over 5.7 miles, we reached the top of Angel’s Landing. It took us about 4 hours of hiking with an hour or two of taking breaks and eating lunch. With almost a complete 360 degree view of the surrounding canyon and the valley below. There are no guardrails around the edge of Angel’s Landing, so we hung our feet over the side while we at lunch, but be extremely careful. I would also suggest going early because later in the day there are tons of people on the chains and it can become dangerous to get to the top of Angel’s Landing.

After coming off of Angel’s Landing, we drove home.

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