First, California can be expensive depending on what activities are planned for the trip. California usually is exciting and interesting. You can see or do anything from skydiving, camping, rock climbing, skiing, amusement parks and other activities.

For this trip, it was about $200 – $250 for everything including food. I went with 6 other college friends and we split the cost up equally between everyone that wanted to participate. For a couple of the nights, we did couch surf on a family member of one of the group members. Overall, it was a super fun trip and I would go on it again. Make sure you are good friends with everyone because there is nothing more terrible than being stuck in a car for 10 hours with someone you don’t get along with. We had a girl come along that we really didn’t know or get along with and that was probably the worst part of the trip.

Day 1:

We left from Provo, UT at about 8-9 am and got down to Anaheim at 6-7 pm. We basically took i15 all the way down until we got to our hotel (I don’t remember the hotel). We ate in Downtown Disney at the Earl of Sandwich. It was a great sandwich for pretty cheap compared to the rest of the food that you can purchase at Disneyland. I highly recommend Earl of Sandwich to anyone going, especially if you are arrive the night before going into the park and don’t want to spend a days pass to go into the park for a couple of hours.

Day 2:

We only got the single-day pass (look at my post about park hopper vs. single-day pass). For this trip, we wanted to minimize the cost of the trip because we were all poor college students and we were exhausted after only doing Disneyland for the day. It was an amazing time in Disneyland. We pretty much went on all of the rides that we wanted. I don’t think we went on “It’s a Small World”, the Dumbo ride and a couple other smaller rides, but we did ride the bigger roller coasters multiple times. I suggest really learning how to work the Fast Pass system, so that you are able to get onto rides without waiting too¬†much. Also, it’d be good to look at the dates for when you go to make sure you don’t go when everyone wants to go to Disneyland.

Day 3:

We drove to San Clemente beach and spent the whole day on the beach. It was amazing. The beach there was slightly more grainy, rocky sand then most beaches, but I liked the beach and I would go back. We drove back to San Diego and we stayed at the house of a family member. We ate at a family member’s house of one of the group members. Watch out for the traffic around LA and San Diego.

Day 4:

I believe that we went to Newport Beach or we may have gone to Big Corona Beach. Which ever it was, the sand was super hot but softer. I really loved this beach just because the waves were large and we could body surf in the waves. The beach was wide and long, so there was a lot of space, but there were also a ton of people. Go earlier in the morning and lay your stuff out.

Day 5:

We drove from San Diego to St. George. Really long drive but we were drive with friends. We stayed at the house of one of our friends and swam.

Day 6:

We did a quick hike up in the red rock mountains before driving home.

Make sure that you wear sunscreen at the beach! You will burn!


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