We are here in this big wide world. We live in a small area. We will know little of the people and places around us if we don’t look. Look around you. Go into the world and travel, even if it is nothing more than going to the local forest to camp or the local amusement park. So many of us go on the same vacations, to the same restaurants, and see the same people, but there are adventures that can be taken that are so close to us. There are so many things that we can discover in the world around us. Walking around downtown in my home city, I found a Thai place that I had never tried and it was amazing. I experienced it because I was looking for adventure.

Now, I suggest that travelling further out and discovering more in the world. Never leaving your hometown or home country is like only staying in the bedroom in a great big house. You would never understand the joys of the kitchen or the living room if you have never gone. The same thing happens with traveling. Go and see the world.

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